Our Mission

Why Velvetfields Border Collies

Why Velvetfields Border Collies

All our dogs are apart of the family first and foremost they are allowed to act and live in a pack mentality
meaning they are allowed to act like dogs.
All our puppies are born inside and they are raised inside in a family environment and they are introduced to all our adults at a young age. We do not believe in kenneling our baby puppies as we like to spend as much time with them on a day to day bases. We like to have a hands on approach in raising the litter indoors to gain the best development natured puppies with social skills and temperaments.

We do not just say temperament matters we actually practice it & all our dogs are proof of this.

We do not breed short hair border collies and is not our aim to do so we have lovely long hair border collies
With the correct breed double coat.

The nature
Border collies being a very social breed they love to interact and have time with there owners following you around like sheep, sleep on the couch, sleep by your side or go for a walk with you or just have full on crazy dog run time. However border collies can be very destructive at times and can chew walls/furniture if they are bored, lots of toys and exercise is needed to achieve a happy balance between you your border collie and your peace of mind. They are alert and generally very easy to train with the occasional case of stubbornness they can be a lot of fun for the most part. They make excellent family dog if the time is put into them from a young age.

Our Puppies

All our puppies are included in the day to day activities if it is a run time (once old enough) or just a socailized time with another adult we own.
They sure made to feel welcome and also helps them learn how to socialize with other dogs (Bigger ones)

All our puppies are weighed and logged in a book from birth to 8weeks when they leave us for there new families,
The puppies come with a record of there birth weighs to 8weeks. it is also include in the folder and information about both parents
DNA Health reports For CEA/CL/TNS, Hip/Elbow Result & Eye Test certificate are also included.
The pups are wormed at 2-4-6-8 weeks of age and they are vaccinated at 6weeks and microchipped aswell
and of course they are vet checked at the same time.
Our puppies are also vet checked at 7weeks 5days and we also get a vet letter which is also included in our folders

Before We Breed
We DNA Test Adults For CEA CL And TNS & IVM unless clear by parentage
We make sure we are Breeding from Carrier or Clear Known Dogs By Parentage/DNA Test
We make sure our dogs or dogs used have Clear Eye Testing (if Possible)
We Make sure we have low Hip/Elbow Scored Parents before any mating is done
We make sure both parents fit each (confirmation & temparment wise)


Why Pedigree Dogs
Buying a pedigree puppy means you know the bloodline/background of the dog in question and you know both parents are the same breed.
Buying off a pet store or none register breeder & mix breeds (Designer dogs) you have no idea there temperament or how honest the seller is when selling you of what breeds are actually behind your dogs. Health is also a big issue when buying from a non registered breeder you have no idea what health problems are behind the dog in question and you have no idea if or what the parents of the dogs have until it comes out and hits your dog. Buying a pedigree dog from a registered breeder ensures you that most of the DNA health tests have been done within the breed and also ensures you that they are vouching that there dogs are healthy/happy and also come from the same breed.
All our puppies are pedigree registered with Dogs Victoria (VCA) with there own pedigree Name Velvetfields (Insertname) which shows you 3 generations of parentage
of your puppy / Dog.

We Do not breed for colour our intentions are not for this purpose however colour is a Bonus and most likely possible will have Black/White Red/White & Blue/White puppies Only this means No Chocolate or Blue MERLE pups EVER