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Our Overall Health Records

Name CEA CL TNS IVM Hips Elbows Gonioscopy
Camwyn Venus In Velvet Carrier ~ BRC 23468 Clear ~ UNSW_ID BC 5209 Clear ~ UNSW_ID BC 5209 Clear ~ DOG23468 1:1 0:0 Clear (April 2013)
Velvetfields Blue Mist Carrier ~ DOG31292 CBP CBP Clear ~ DOG31292 2:3 0:0 Clear (Nov 2012)
Velvetfields Dark Naimh Clear ~ DOG31478 CBP CBP Clear ~ DOG 31478 2:3 0:0 Clear (Nov 2012)
Langtry Prof Dumbledore Clear ~ DOG 32986 Clear ~ DOG 32986 Clear ~ USyd_ID BC1213
Clear ~ DOG 32986 1:3 0:0 Clear (April 2013)
Velvetfields Sweet Seduction Clear ~ DOG 39411 CBP CBP CBP Too Young Too Young Clear (Nov 2012)
Velvetfields Diamant Ziara CBP CBP CBP TBC Too Young Too Young TBA
Velvetfields Pimpin Aint Easy CBP CBP CBP Clear ~ DOG41906 Too Young Too Young TBA
Velvetfields Onyx Knight CBP CBP CBP TBC Too Young Too Young TBA

Stud Dogs Used

Name CEA CL TNS Hips Elbows Gonioscopy
Fetchemin Calvin Klein Tested Clear By OPTIGEN Clear ~ BRC1509 Clear ID BC 2039 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tookurra Diamonz R Blue CBP CBP CBP 4:0 0:0 Clear

* CBP ~ Clear By Parentage (With Both Parents Certificates)
* TBA ~ To Be Arranged

Thady (Langtry Prof Dumbledore) is available to stud to approved bitches,
owners must supply a 3rd generation Pedigree & DNA Results for CEA/CL/TNS , Hip/elbow scoring must be done
Copies of Thady's results will be sent to approved stud requests for their records and to give to puppy buyers.