Happy 2013

Happy New year Everyone  We have

Happy New year Everyone

We have some exciting plans that will be happening in 2013
Vella has been mated and looks like we will be expecting puppies from her around February 27th
This will be the first Jack & Beauty Grandkids and This is our first Velvetfields female to be pregnant which is very very exciting times for us as we look ahead to the future
Gypsy (Vella's Sister) Will be mated also this year so we are planning two litters this year which is a first for us
And both are by our lovely foundation female (Beauty)

We had  a very Nice Surprise to 2013 Beauty (Camwyn Venus In Velvet) Was Re-Hip Scored by PennHIP Method and AVA Scored by Ray Ferguson
She was Scored at 1:1 Elbows are 0:0, PennHIP R 0.28 L 0.38
Beauty Has tighter Hips then 80% of border collies Tested by the PennHIP Method
Which is excellent news for our foundation female as we continue to grow and breed for the future we could not of asked for a better Hip result

Thady is Officially Available for Stud To Approved Bitches
Copies of Your Females Pedigree & DNA Results Must be Shown No exceptions
Chilled / Frozen Semen Can Be Arranged
He is CEA/CL/TNS Clear & IVM Clear
He Holds a Current Clear Eye Certificate 2012
He is Currently Hip Scored at 1:3 Elbow 0:0



Eye Results/Profile Vella

Velvetfields Blue Mist * Vella*
Passed her Ginoscopy so she is clear of glaucoma and has perfect drainage and angles
and holds a current Aces Eye Certificate

She is the first Velvetfields bred/owned bitch to be Eye tested so its lovely to get excellent results

Vella has also been DNA profiled as Fetchemin Calvin Klein (Jack) and Camwyn Venus In Velvet (Beauty) Offspring
Which we had no doubt in this however we now have the paper proving this.
Vella has been Tested for everything now and we hope we might have a Litter of pups sometime in 2013 with her

Velvetfields Dark Naimh (Gypsy) Vella's full sister will be eye tested this week also so im hoping for some excellent results





All dogs have been tested for IVM (Ivermectin Sensitivity MDR1)
Langtry Prof Dumbledore Clear
Camwyn Venus In Velvet Clear
Velvetfields Blue Mist Clear
Velvetfields Dark Naimh Clear
So Good news for our dogs


Site Updates

Busy Month with website updates and more to come shortly
So What's Is New
~ Health Page ~
IVM Information 
~ Litter Page Updated ~ 
Picture of Jack (Fetchemin Calvin Klein) To Litter 2010 Photos
~Dogs Pages ~
Vella Hips & Elbow Score added to her page
IVM DNA Test Is pending Results for Beauty And Vella
Thadys Parents Pictures Put on His Page



Updates have been done to the following Pages
Two New Pictures of Beauty 
New Home Page Picture 
Health Page Update with Dogs DNA Results Listed under each hereditary diseases