Our Story

In 1996 I purchased my first Border Collie, her name was Lassie. She was Black and White from Borderglen Kennels in Victoria. Lassie was Sired by Ragdav Cocos Kneeling X Dam: Khayoz That's Jazz.
Although I was not able to breed Border Collies because of being too young, Border Collies changed my life. Lassie passed away in 2002 due to unknown reasons, and at the time I was 15 and began thinking about whether I should get another dog. The loss of Lassie brought sadness and the pain was too much at the time to bring in a new friend.

2007: I decided that I was ready and I wanted a new Border Collie and to begin breeding and obedience training ect.

2008 I continued searching and I was unsure of the colour I wanted, it was a difficult journey to find the right one. I had almost given up when I contacted another breeder who connected me with Camwyn Kennels. It was through Camwyn Kennels that I purchased my now Foundation Bitch Camwyn Venus in Velvet aka Beauty. Many thanks to Camille for Beauty.

2009 Prefix after thinking hard and long what to call it, I finally came up with the name Velvetfields and at that time Mungo came along.

2010 In September I hit the ground running with Beauty in season and arranged to send her off to the stud dog (Jack Fetchemin Calvin Klein) who produced the first litter In November for our prefix and has left his mark on the Velvetfields Kids.

This is the story of how Velvetfields began and I look forward to producing beautiful Border Collies through Beauty and other Border Collies as Velvetfields grows along the way